Superior Essex Opens Global IT Shared Service Centre To Aid Digitization Initiatives

March 8, 2022

ATLANTA, GA — Superior Essex Inc. is excited to announce the establishment of a Global Information Technology Shared Service Centre in Europe, located in the Serbian capital city of Belgrade, with the aim of offering an extended scope of IT services to our operations worldwide.

This location was chosen so IT specialists can provide “real-time” global IT shared services across more time zones to support global operations. Employees of Superior Essex Inc., and all subsidiaries — including Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire, Superior Essex Communications, Essex Brownell, Essex Energy Italy, IVA as well as Hi-Wire — should expect to see expanded service in the following Global IT key functions/areas:

  • IT Service Management and Support
  • IT Governance and Project Management Office
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics
  • Digital Transformation Services

Manish Kumar, VP of Information Systems for Superior Essex, said that the new location not only alleviates certain pain points but will also help cross-functionally.

“Simply put, we needed to expand our technical coverage,” Kumar said. “With this new facility we can correct issues before America even wakes up. We can slowly continue to grow this support center to aid across all time zones and performance needs, as well as aid in recruiting top talent in the area.

“Between Business Intelligence, Business Development, and Digital Transformation perspectives this is a needed expansion.”

With this project, our businesses will be able to increase our competitive edge and move closer to a goal of becoming a world-class digitally savvy company, with a technology environment that seamlessly enables business in collaboration with our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.

Similar, forward thinking, models were created for each business and applied to the creation of the shared service.

“This gives us a centralized approach, with a service desk and 24-7 support for critical IT services,” Sasa Marjanovic, IT Director of Europe, said. “It is a multi-purpose center that can extend our service capability. We will be improving our central, core competencies, improving services without replacing current head count, while allowing us to increase additional services, service management and address IT quality and compliance issues.

The IT Service Shared Centre was set operational at the end for February and is already providing the company with improvements to service levels and the overall Superior Essex IT experience

It is a victory that Kumar celebrated with his team.

“As we continue to move into Industry 4.0, this is our next evolution,” he said. “Machine learning, Machine AI, are all coming and we need to be ready for it. We also need to understand the evolution of employees. This change shows our commitment to our people. We are committed to giving IT people a more traditional IT experience, which could not happen with them working inside of a plant setting.

“Locating this center in Belgrade allows us to attract and keep quality people. It allows us to support our current business operations. It allows us to expand with relative ease. All of those things sounds like intangibles but each comes with intrinsic value that maybe goes deeper than the other things that we know have a business case for.”

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