Superior Essex Launches New Telco Outside Plant Hybrid Optimized Cable

August 15, 2018

Superior Essex announces a new Telco OSP Hybrid cable optimized to support Class 2 Line Powering of remote devices while supplying data over fiber optic cable. Targeted at next generation Small Cell deployments and rural CAF-II projects that will be using DSLAMs and PON systems, these cables are ideal for use in both Brownfield and Greenfield applications and make use of 25 pairs of 22 AWG twisted copper pairs and up to 192 optical fibers.

“We are thrilled to introduce an innovative cable design that offers the capability to deliver power and fiber under one jacket deep into the network” says Robin Gainsford, Director of Broadband Technology for Superior Essex. “We look forward to showcasing this particular cable and other hybrid products at ISE this year.”

The Telco Hybrid OSP Cable will be on display from August 14th-16th at the ISE 2018 trade show in Denver, Colorado, where Superior Essex will be exhibiting from booth #423.

About Superior Essex
Superior Essex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of communications cable and accessory products serving the communications industry and related distribution markets for over 80 years. Superior Essex is a trade name for Superior Essex International LP and other companies of Superior Essex Inc.

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