Superior Essex Communications on Leadership Panel at CRU

May 6, 2019

CRU, leading provider of cable news, analysis and consulting is to hold its 13th Wire & Cable Conference in Brusselson 11-12 June 2019.

The conference is well established as the premier meeting for leaders in the wire and cable industry, offering valuable peer-to-peer networking and presentations from international wire and cable manufacturers, distributors and other industry thought-leaders. The two-day conference will provide insights on emerging market opportunities and regional perspectives on changing trade dynamics. Delegates will also gain an in-depth understanding of specific power, communication, construction and automotive trends which may impact their business.

This year’s conference will have a special focus on the use of wire and cable in automotive industries and will open with a keynote presentation from Markus Thoma, Managing Director of LEONI Kabel GmbH. This will be followed by a fireside chat with Michael Finch, Head of Wire and Cable, CRU.

The agenda will also feature an Optical Cable Leadership Panel that will include Dr.Bernhard Deutsch, Vice President and General Manager, Optical Cable, Corning Inc; Antoni Bosch, Vice President, Telecom Solutions, Prysmian; and Brad Johnson, President, Superior Essex Communications.

Johnson said of the event, “I am honored to be part of the leadership panel, it is a tremendous opportunity to spread awareness as to how Superior Essex Communications is on the forefront focusing on next generation wireline/wireless, digital infrastructure, sustainability and technological innovation. This focus will allow Superior Essex to participate in shaping the cabling landscape of the future.”

Other highlights include Laurent Schmitt, Secretary General, ENTSO-E who will also make a keynote address on new EU legislation and achieving clean energy package targets; and Hamid R Al Zayani, MD of Midal Cables will share his insights into the Middle Eastwire and cable industry.

“Wire and cable companies are having to provide products and services that are increasingly high-tech in order to keep up with government targets for electric and connected vehicles, the energy transition to generate electricity from clean and renewable resources, Smart Grids, Smart Cities, 5G, IoT and Factory Automation,” commented Natalie Noor-Drugan, Senior Analyst, CRU and Editor-in-Chief of Wire & Cable News.

“Companies are also increasingly having to prove that their supply chain is sustainable, that their products have a low environmental impact and comply with the latest regulations. The most successful producers are those that have value added, highly differentiated products and services. Taking a 360 approach, working within a larger ecosystem, informing policymakers, educating customers and stakeholders, as well as creating and providing innovative and useful end-to-end services in collaboration with customers and end users,” added Mrs Noor-Drugan.

This year’s Wire & Cable Conference in Brussels aims to find out how the cable industry is striving to achieve some of these goals within the various industry sectors they cater for. Registered delegates will be given the opportunity to visit Aurubis’ copper production facility in Olen. Starting with one of the largest copper scrap yards in Europe, the tour will cover the full process from scrap to semi-finished products.

Nicola Coslett, CEO, CRU Events added “Brussels offers an interesting meeting point for industry leaders, as the centre for European policy making. The conference will explore the direction of the EU’s key construction, power and communication projects; and how wire and cable quality controls and standards have been implemented. As with previous years, the event will offer dual streams covering both energy cable and communication cable issues, bringing together the entire wire and cable supply chain.”

The CRU Wire & Cable Conference will be held on 11-12 June 2019 at Steigenberger Wiltcher’s, Brussels, Belgium. Click here for further information.

About Superior Essex
Superior Essex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of communications cable and accessory products serving the communications industry and related distribution markets for over 80 years. Superior Essex is a trade name for Superior Essex International LP and other companies of Superior Essex Inc. For more information on Superior Essex sustainability efforts, visit

About CRU
CRU offers unrivaled business intelligence on the global metals, mining and fertilizer industries through market analysis, price assessments, consultancy and events. In 2019, CRU celebrates 50 years in business. Over this time, we have built up a reputation for integrity, reliability, independence and authority with customers across mining, metals and fertilizers.

CRU events are well respected for attracting the most senior level professionals and providing valuable networking opportunities throughout the year for global audiences. Click here for more information.

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