Superior Essex Announces its Participation in the Multi-Attribute Label Pilot Program

February 17, 2015

Superior Essex announces that it is the first participant and the only cable manufacturer to take part in the Multi-Attribute Label Pilot Program. The Multi-Attribute Label Program was developed by GreenCircle Certified LLC to address Federal Executive Order 13514, which mandates the purchase of sustainable products by all federal purchasers, such as the Department of Defense and GSA.

This program seeks to simplify the procurement process for federal purchasers by providing a complete overview of the sustainability of a product, its packaging and of the manufacturing operations in a single certification. These Multi-Attribute Certifications will include information such as the completion of a Life Cycle Assessment and the publication of an Environmental Product Declaration, as well as water reduction, waste diversion, and carbon footprint reduction. Multi-Attribute certifications are conducted through a credible third-party (like GreenCircle Certified, LLC), in accordance with internationally recognized standards (ISO, ASTM, etc), and the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides. This process ensures accuracy and transparency of a manufacturer’s environmental claims as it relates to that product, as well as protects federal purchasers from misleading sustainability claims.

Initially, Superior Essex will offer twenty five products with Multi-Attribute Certifications, including a complete selection of Premises Copper products. These products also have Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations, allowing them to contribute to earning points in LEED certification as well.

“Superior Essex is committed to being the industry leader in providing tangible solutions for companies or agencies with sustainable procurement mandates,” says Eric Perry, Vice President of Applications Engineering and Quality Control at Superior Essex. “The publication of the Multi-Attribute Certification for premises data cables provides assurance to our customers that Superior Essex accurately and transparently conveys our leadership in sustainability.”

“GreenCircle takes pride in advancing sustainable procurement through connecting responsible manufacturers and institutional purchasers,” says Annie Bevan, Certification and Operations Manager, GreenCircle Certified. “It is important for companies that are committed to providing quality products while reducing environmental impacts, like Superior Essex, to stand out from the crowd and reach these large scale purchasers. Together, these manufacturers and purchasers can make a significant impact.”

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About Superior Essex
Superior Essex International LP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cable, wire and accessory products serving the communications industry, energy industry and related distribution markets for over 80 years. Product lines include Indoor and Outside Plant (OSP) copper and fiber data cables, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) coaxial cables and accessories, Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) closures, fire alarm/security (FAS) cables, and low/medium voltage energy cable products and accessories. Superior Essex International LP is a subsidiary of Superior Essex Inc.

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