IVA Enamels Receives Recognition from Changzhou Government

December 14, 2023

IVA Enamels proudly secured its place among four businesses recognized by the Changzhou Municipal People’s Government of China as a 3rd batch qualified ‘Major Chemical Monitoring Site’ (MCMS).

This achievement highlights IVA and its commitment to excellence as well as adherence to stringent safety and environmental standards. It also solidified IVA as a leader in the region by bettering 80 other chemical companies in Changzhou city.

Michael Wu, General Manager of IVA in China, expressed his gratitude to the corporate leadership group as well as acknowledged the coordination and collaboration between IVA and city-level senior officers for playing a crucial role in achieving the milestone.

“My appreciation and thanks go to everyone working with IVA Enamels in China as well as to our Superior Essex team,” he said. “Following the visit of CEO Daniel Choi, Chief Human Resources Officer Linda Skorb, and IVA President Klaus Borstner in July, our Chinese partners increased their support to help us achieve this goal.”

IVA has demonstrated an outstanding performance in Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) practices, earning the highest score during its site audit. It has accomplished a safety production record of Zero Accident Days reaching 1,436 days—and counting—through investment in facilities and infrastructures, as well as full-staff training and instruction to build a safety-first culture.

Over the course of the last decade the government has implemented new administrative policies for both safety production improvement in the chemical industry as well as pushing for environmental protection. It also announced an ambitious target for VOCs emission reduction.

In the Jiangsu province, chemical plants have sharply reduced from 7,000+ to fewer than 2,000 in the last three years as the Chinese government has been relocating many out of the area. The MCMS qualification enables IVA to avoid the 2025 painting industry relocation campaign recently announced by the Changzhou government.

“IVA will deliver 11,500T of various high-performance enamel products this year alone,” Wu said. “With the MCMS qualification, it will secure our position in the market and allow us to continue to deliver high quality products and services to our customers.”

During the verification process, IVA has shown impressive revenue growth—which coupled with substantial tax contributions in 2023, were recognized and appreciated by the government. The joint effort and dedication to maintaining high standards contributed significantly to the success, especially in the face of a challenging economic outlook.

With no objections raised during the review process, IVA will officially qualify as an MCMS and will soon receive a commemorative certificate.

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