Essex Energy Italy To Provide Twin-CTC, Other Copper Products To Viking Link

April 26, 2021

Essex Energy Italy is proud to announce another milestone achievement regarding Viking Link, the world’s longest interconnector and first submarine cable connection between the UK and Denmark.

The overall scope of the project includes the connection of over 1.400 km (~900 miles) of cabling — of which 1.250 km (~775 miles) will be part of the submarine route — and will connect Bicker Fen substation in Lincolnshire, Great Britain and the Revsing substation in South Jutland, Denmark.

Essex Energy Italy was awarded a bid for 13.000 mt (~29,000 pounds) for “Keystones” for stranded copper conductors as well as being the provider of 1.250 mt of TWIN – CTC to another key partner on the project. The Twin-CTC is equipped with control/pilot wire and will help facilitate Viking Link ability to give increased access to renewable energy to the two land masses.

Viking project will be completed within the end of 2022.

The High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) interconnector will operate at ± 525 kV DC, with the aim to increase access to renewable and sustainable energy sources for over 1,4 million households. The successful completion is also aiming to reduce the cost of electricity and increase system reliability. Simply put: the connection will improve energy supply security in Denmark and Great Britain by enabling imports from other interconnected markets.

“The Viking Link is such an important project in Europe and Essex Energy Italy is extremely proud to be a part of it,” Klaus Borstner, President Essex Energy Italy said, “Enabling the exchange of energy between two countries; giving access to clean wind-power to more people; providing lower cost of energy, and crossing Danish, German, Dutch and British waters is such an ambitious project and impressive feat, once accomplished, that our ability to provide the wire for this endeavor is something we are very excited to be part of.”

The project will involve the construction of a converter station in each country and the installation of submarine and underground cables between each converter station and underground cables between the converter station and substation in each country.

The interconnector will enable the more effective use of renewable energy, access to sustainable electricity generation and improved security of electricity supplies. It will benefit the socio economy of both countries.

“The positive impact that this project will have is immeasurable,” Borstner added. “It could be the beginning of more ambitious projects like this in Europe and that is extremely exciting.”


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